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Qualifying so far

1,IGGR_Gas,GM_Stanger 2000,36.543720,11.842059

1,IGGR_mf22,GM_Stanger 2000,36.877052,11.947322

1,IGGR_Bwc64,GM_Stanger 2000,36.912140,11.964866

1,WFO_Rainman,GM_Stanger 2000,36.999859,11.999953

1,IGGR_MC,GM_Monacan GT,37.368279,12.035041

1,IGGR_SideSPIN,Monacan GT,39.982304,12.806968


Check out the Qualifying page for info.

Its me IGGR_Gas,  

 I wanted to take the time to thank you all for the years of racing you gave to and against this great team. 

July 29th we will be holding a Invite IGGR Reunion Race, This race is for racers who raced with Team IGGR/UORA or who ever run in any of our races.   There will be one rule, NO HYPER SHIFTING word has it there is alot of that going on these days.

Most of us have put the wheels in the trash and have not raced for years so take it easy on us and remember we always took it easy on you. Lol.

The names go on and on so I’m not going to try to name you all, but you all were apart of a great great DTR2 community.  So many memories I cant keep up with them.

July 29th at 7 pm eastern time we will meet on yahoo messenger.

Message me iggr_gas for your invite into the chat room.

The Chassis will be ghost late models.

Qualifying will start on Monday the 26 of July and run thru Wednesday the 28th  

Qualifying will be 3 three lap attempts for your best TRT “Total race time”  You will get only 3 three laps attempts , if you start a 3 lapper and crash and exit or anything it still counts.

Check back for the qualifying ip.

The track will be creasman motor speedway; this track was named after one of our long time members Bill (BWC64) Creasman. The track wet will be set at 0 ( Faster )

Qualifying will determine how you will line up in your 10 lap heats.

Heat will be run by rank.

Heat finishes will determine how each one of the 50 lap mains line up.

Mains will line up by rank.

We will run as many 50 lap mains as we have drivers for.

The shootout

1st and 2nd of all mains will go to shootout A

3rd and 4th of all mains will go to shootout B

5th and 6th of all mains will go to shootout C

7th and 8th of all mains will go to shootout D

8th and 10th of all mains will go to shootout E

The shootout will be a 20 lap feature at Seidel Raceway, Named after Don Seidel one of our long time IGGR members.  The shootout will be run in reverse rank. The wet for Seidel will be determine by how many racers we have Qualify x2  sounds good to me.

Race news

Hi Racers Thanks for checking out this site, I wanted to take a second and make something known, IGGR [ I GOT GAS RACING ] or UORA [ United Online Racing Association ] are not reforming or coming back to race as a team we are just getting together just for a reunion race so that we can all chat and hang out together... This team was close, strong, respectful of each and others and when we as members talked about putting on the reunion race all of the old members were all for it. 

The thought of us getting back together is a great Ideal but it takes so many hours and so much time to race fast, build tracks, keep up the site, and just to be apart of this game and at this time I don't have time to over see these things.

I want to thank each and everyone of the dtr2 racers that have played this game and kept it going, its really a good game for sure.

If you ever want to chat or need anything please feel free to contact me at my  e-mail

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